Here you can find some links to sites or projects that have given inspiration to me.

  • RogueBasin - Knowledge-base for roguelikes, contains useful articles.
  • The Chronicles of Doryen - An in-development roguelike (+library) with nice visual effects, site has articles about procedural generation
  • Umbrarum Regnum - An in-development roguelike, site has articles about procedural generation
  • PCG Wiki - Procedural Content Generation Wiki with useful links
  • - Roguelike dev newsgroup
  • Infinity - An in-development MMO space game, featuring infinite prosedural universe
  • Love - First person not so massively multiplayer online procedural adventure game (in development)
  • A Real-Time Procedural Universe - Part 1 of a 4-part article series at Gamasutra
  • Temple of the Roguelike - News concerning roguelikes
  • FreeBASIC - The open-source compiler used to create this project
  • - the webhost.
  • Homepage - Kind of my homepage, features older games I've made. Pages in Finnish

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