Getting started

To get you started, here's a short guide to basic stuff like controls.


The game is based on different view levels. So if you for example want to get out of a planet, you are taken to a solar system view, where you can travel between planets or check out the sun(s). If you desire to go further, you can go "up a level", into the starmap, which features stars and nebulae. From there you can go "down" to a different system or go even further and "rise up" to the galaxy view.

Basic Controls

You can move your ship around with arrow keys, just press the direction you want to go. However, that is slow as it is intended for fine tuning and entering places. You can engage the main thrusters by pressing W-key. After that, you accelerate by holding down the W and change direction with A and D keys. By default, the ship's computer automatically slows down if you stop accelerating. This can be overridden by pressing F3. S slows down manually. To come to an instant stop, press space. When you have stopped, you can enter the place underneath by pressing space. Exiting is done with Ctrl+X.

More Advanced Stuff

To save an address ("bookmark") to a certain location, press Ctrl+number (so there are 9 slots). To later get to that location, simply press the corresponding number.

You can chat with people in the same area by opening the console - key T.

Remember, you can always view the controls currently available by pressing F1 key.