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Today I've done some quite heavy modifications to the repository structure. In addition to generally moving stuff around, I moved the client's networking files under the server's version control. This involved a lot of git filter-branching: As I wanted to preserve the history of the files, I merged everything to the server and then filtered out everything unwanted. Finally, the client code needed to be filtered free of the networking stuff that now lie within the server VCS.

Why did I do this? As I have mentioned before, I want to release the LEE source, but not the server or networking (at least not soon). Now that the networking stuff is out of the tree, I don't have to keep a separate LEE-branch in sync with the master code. Also, after I publish the LEE code, I don't need to worry about accidentally committing or merging netcode to the LEE branch. On the downside, there are now some commits whose messages are confusing due to parts of (original) them missing.

I also coded a little: now LEE is present in the multi-player version and can be launched by giving the client a command line switch (stand-alone LEE can still be built).

All this gives me good basis for further development. Some things in the source are still embarrassingly ugly and the documentation isn't quite ready yet, so I don't publish the source now. We'll see if I'll do that next or if I take on the networking code.
Posted to Development on 11 Feb 2010 by aave
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