Development icon Missiles and more!
I've coded quite a bit during the past few days. The roughly 700 touched lines have introduced many changes, which of perhaps the most visible is the addition of missiles (that was a sudden impulse, I planned to include them much later). In other words, the players are now able to shoot torpedo-thingies and other players see them. The system is not yet complete as I plan to make the missiles follow their target, but it is a good start.

Other changes include a still on-going renovation of the communication protocol, moving particles support (explosions!), early anti-lag system (which actually made things worse for now) and time-based movement. The latter means that a speed is now measured and implemented in tiles per second. That has the effect of everybody moving at the same velocity, regardless of frame-rate (greater FPS gives smoother movement).

There are still a few things broken from the changes and the server is very unstable with more than one clients. I'm trying to focus on fixing bugs next, but it's hard because I have so many great ideas and implementing them is so much more fun! tongue
Posted to Development on 14 Oct 2009 by aave
Website icon Domain!
I bought a domain and you can now access the site from address Neat!

Now I just need to update the links I've dropped here and there to point to this fancy new address.
Posted to Website on 11 Oct 2009 by aave
Development icon Particle system
I have been improving and expanding the engine trail system and it now serves as a generic particle system that made adding visuals to other players' transitions very easy. It is not yet complete, but works nicely so far.

As I tested trails for other players and other new effects requiring multiple players, I discovered that the server goes into a non-responsive dead-lock with more than one player. However, there is a bright side in the surfacing of that bug: it gives me an excuse to test Git's 'bisect' bug hunting feature. :)
Posted to Development on 09 Oct 2009 by aave
Development icon Engine Trails
I came up with an idea that the space ships should leave some kind of trail behind them. It is useful as one can more easily spot and track fast moving other players. I also find it visually appealing to watch some fading circle shapes or something like that.

I've already made the initial implementation for the local player (and it works), but there are still some things to do and tweak. I also plan to make the trail different color and more intense when the engines are actually on (i.e. the trail will be there also when the thrusters are off).

I have also decided to add some kind of visual effect to other players' view level transitions and even markers to that show for a short time where someone went. It'll be much nicer and less confusing when everybody doesn't just dissappear. It will also make following someone easier.

I'll compose a new video once I get those things running well.
Posted to Development on 04 Oct 2009 by aave
Website icon Damn Spam
There has been some spam in the forums and in the comments of these news. I patched the forum previously so that guests cannot post links and so far it seems to work quite well (better than the captcha). Now I also added similar restriction to posting comments. I hope it works as I find captchas annoying.

If you need to add an url, don't use www or http and replace dots with something else.
Posted to Website on 02 Oct 2009 by aave
Universe icon New Video
I recorded a second video, which showcases the new transition effects (see previous post). I've also tweaked the construction mode a bit, so I also included some house building into the video, although it still needs work to become pleasant to use.

Access the video at youtube or through the screenshots / media page.
Posted to Universe on 20 Sep 2009 by aave

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