Development icon Transition Effects
I've implemented a nice system that allows me to "blend" together two ascii tile buffers. It also allows different blending styles through a function pointer. What this means in practice is that now the transitions between the view levels look a lot nicer as the new place doesn't just suddenly appear as it does in the first video I posted.

On the server side, I've been thinking of including SQLite database engine into the project. A real database would be useful for saving player data and other stuff. Adding the SQLite object file to the built executable was a piece of cake, but I still need to learn a bit more about SQL to start to use it.

Thats all for now, I'm currently concentrating on the visual side, so perhaps I'll create an other short video soon to demonstrate the improvements.
Posted to Development on 17 Sep 2009 by aave
Website icon Website Launch
The new website is now officially launched, meaning that after being under testing on a separate server for a few days, it is now revealed to the public. You can read more about the changes from the previous posts. Comments are welcome!
Posted to Website on 10 Sep 2009 by aave
Universe icon Video - Peak at the Universe
I uploaded a clip to youtube showing some random stuff in the universe. It was quickly made, without any planning, so its not that great, but shows a couple of moving things. Watching in HD is recommended (ascii chars are small! tongue ).

Posted to Universe on 10 Sep 2009 by aave
Website icon Git Commit Hook
I hacked together a couple of scripts that allow me to display a short description of the latest commit to my git source repository. It's quite unsophisticated, but works automatically (using git post-commit -hook), so I don't need to bother updating the info manually.

I created this really just for my own amusement, but I guess it allows people to better track the progress.
Posted to Website on 02 Sep 2009 by aave
Development icon Autumn Brings Activity
The project has been sleeping for several months now, as I haven't had much energy for coding during the summer and when I had, I've used it for web development, OpenGL ja small side projects. However, Infiniverse is too good of a project to leave for dead and so I have gotten back to developing it. First I started with refactoring (arranged the files to a better structure and moved some code around) plus adding server controls and command line parser.

Also note that the past time hasn't been a complete waste of time from the point of view of Infiniverse as I'm able to use my increased knowledge in version controlling, data structures, networking and programming practices. I've also been able to create the new shiny webpages, which of there is more info in the previous post.
Posted to Development on 01 Sep 2009 by aave
Website icon New Website
Hello, and welcome to the new Infiniverse website!

I've created these new pages for a number of reasons. First, the content management software I previously used was not entirely satisfactory, as it is a bit messy "under-the-hood" and customizing could be easier. I did like the look of the old pages, but I wanted better news administration (plus commenting) and I felt it was time to freshen up. Apart from news-section and forum, I've coded these (dynamic) pages from scratch. Styleshout css-stylesheets have been used (although modified). I'm quite happy with the look and maintainability of this new site.

There is also some new content, like the Universe-section and a new article. The forum is also back.

I hope you like the change and in any case, please comment!
Posted to Website on 01 Sep 2009 by aave

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