Development icon LEE source code released
So I thought what the hell, this is long overdue anyway: Lone Explorer Edition has been open-sourced. Now the branch I pushed into github @ is actually the client's master development branch (not LEE), but since the networking code is located in the server's repo, you cannot build the real client, only LEE. I'll look into doing something about that when I have the time.

In the meantime, feel free to fork the code at github and send me pull requests for your amazing improvements. smile
Posted to Development on 31 Jan 2011 by aave
Website icon Downloads fixed
So as you can probably guess, I have been pretty far away from this project... Seems my download script has mysteriously broken down some time last year so I now replaced it with direct links. I'm keeping the forums down because I really don't want to fight spam right now when there is nothing going on with the project itself.

Regarding the status of the project, it's almost a year since last change. :( I've been preoccupied with coding other projects using C++, which I like a lot. This project's codebase being FreeBASIC has been rather fatal considering my shift in programming language focus.

The client is actually rather well suited for FreeBASIC, but as the server is quite a mess right now, I've been thinking of rewriting it in C++, which might wake my interest again.
Posted to Website on 31 Jan 2011 by aave
Website icon Attack on Website
There was an attack on the website just before Easter. An iframe containing a website categorized as malicious was injected to the template and although it was quickly purged, google was faster and a warning was up for a couple of days. I found a possible source for the breach and did some security improvements, but due to testing being hard with google flashing the red screen all the time, a bug managed to stay up for the weekend and the main page was inaccessible.

Anyway, I am sorry for the mess and try my best to keep it from happening again.
Posted to Website on 04 Apr 2010 by aave
Development icon Repository renovating
Today I've done some quite heavy modifications to the repository structure. In addition to generally moving stuff around, I moved the client's networking files under the server's version control. This involved a lot of git filter-branching: As I wanted to preserve the history of the files, I merged everything to the server and then filtered out everything unwanted. Finally, the client code needed to be filtered free of the networking stuff that now lie within the server VCS.

Why did I do this? As I have mentioned before, I want to release the LEE source, but not the server or networking (at least not soon). Now that the networking stuff is out of the tree, I don't have to keep a separate LEE-branch in sync with the master code. Also, after I publish the LEE code, I don't need to worry about accidentally committing or merging netcode to the LEE branch. On the downside, there are now some commits whose messages are confusing due to parts of (original) them missing.

I also coded a little: now LEE is present in the multi-player version and can be launched by giving the client a command line switch (stand-alone LEE can still be built).

All this gives me good basis for further development. Some things in the source are still embarrassingly ugly and the documentation isn't quite ready yet, so I don't publish the source now. We'll see if I'll do that next or if I take on the networking code.
Posted to Development on 11 Feb 2010 by aave
Website icon Some website thingies
Google Analytics is neat - among other things I can see what sites bring me traffic (a mention in the Something Awful forums is the current number one referer, with over 200 visitors - thanks Prospector-thread smile ). Anyway, I noticed that everyone links to the old primary address, phatcode, and not to the new cool, so I made the old address to forward to the new one in hopes of everyone noticing it (it's shorter!).

The LEE Alpha1 has been downloaded 75 times, which I think is a nice count considering I have done very little advertising.

Also, feel free to use the new Donate-button in the sidebar tongue
Posted to Website on 11 Feb 2010 by aave
Development icon Lone Explorer Edition Alpha1 Released
Finally it has arrived!

Go grab it while it's hot.

Feel free to give feedback on the forums and by adding comments to this post.

PS. For those who are interested in how I fixed the Windows crash, it was by increasing the program's stack size. Apparently Linux manages this automatically.
Posted to Development on 08 Feb 2010 by aave

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